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Mar 18, 2011 7:00pm EDT
administration's risk base driven approach to aviation security and specifically the use of advanced imaging technology. as a chief technology officer, i will focus on the aspects and lee will discuss the human aspect. before going into detail, the technology is vital to the nation's ability to keep travelers safe in the 9/11 world. we face a determined enemy bent on our way of life. they arrested a man planning an attack on the dc subway system and a young saw disrespectful frankly -- saudi man was arrested. whether it was a failed attack in 2009, the plot in october, or the intelligence plots we see every day, al-qaeda and intelligence groups continue to target our system. we have to detect today's threat, not yesterday's. we have a able system that works in several measures. one aspect of the check point is what we're hear to discuss today. mr. chairman, well hidden devices are among the gravest threat to security. while there's no sell veer bullet, this gives us the best opportunity to detect the threats. we piloted the technology in early 2007 knowing of these threats. following analys
Mar 11, 2011 7:00pm EST
there doing some of this work. obviously they're great guys. u.s. military. they really know what they're doing, men and women. they're doing -- just training very few units. that's good. it needs to happen. and i hate to have all of these answers woman caviates and then i don't want it to feel like, well you have to do everything, but really there has to be accompanied by some reformed units that they have to go back. huge, huge problems is soldiers don't get paid. the legacy. destroyed the infrastructure. eaten up all of the money. there's a little bit of that left. not a little bit, a lot, unfortunately. i have visited the battlion camps like tent cities. a little better than the revfeefgy camps in fact they often go and loot and pilliage in those camps. are responsible for 40%. some say of the rapes in the country. where you have a military that's deployed among the population that's feeding off of the population. it's not imaginable to us. this is a horrible i version of that. i think they just took the divisions out of there. that's not practical politically, but what is practica
Mar 4, 2011 7:00pm EST
more? the dump truck of a bill known as hr1. i could use -- i mentioned on the floor that you got a kick out of it that it has more poisen pills than a medicine cabinet. . . gasoline, so i think that is one of the consequences as well. >> okay. just one final comment to address. we talked a lot about the restoration and i happen to agree. we ought to be investing money because the economic impact and the deleterious one if we don't make that investment but i think mr. dix is right with regard to the sound and that affects the quality of the water all arroyo down the river in chesapeake bay, and on chesapeake bay we have had support on both sides of the ogle, but now we have this language that says you can't use any federal funds even though we have had the epa, we've had any number of agencies working particularly with the states and localities to clean up the chesapeake bay. we have miles of dead zones from all the fertilizer as mr. latourette referenced that killing the vegetation at the bottom of the water, and now we've got this legislation that says you can't use any federal
Mar 25, 2011 7:00pm EDT
, and being allowed to use those by a cs unchecked in the way that they make decisions and that is the common policy that wal-mart has adopted to allow those kind of by a cease to operate and what the plaintiffs are seeking the opportunity to them has published in court as something that truly exists across the country affecting all of these women. so i do want to underscore its of the plaintiffs to prove all this. but that they be allowed to shoulder the burden on behalf of all of the employees affected by this headquarters policy that is up to all the managers for all of these employees to decide how they're going to make decisions on whenever the grounds they choose. i happened to do call in radio show and the wal-mart case became the president in the context of women in the workplace now still nationwide women are only earning about 77 cents on every dollar per man and the regional section about the wages even more is in the 60-cent range from 64 cents. so wal-mart according to the evidence is even worse than its statistics and its largest competitors in the retail area itself. so the com
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4